Elevating Agile and Lean
Assessments to the Next Level!

Lean Agile Intelligence is a Modern-Day Assessment Platform enabling change agents to tailor assessment templates to their context, drive organic and systemic improvements, and accelerate transformational outcomes. Lean Agile Intelligence makes assessments a value-added exercise!

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Common Transformation Issues Addressed

"We just don't have enough experienced coaches to help Individuals, Teams, and the Enterprise effectively transition."
"We lack feedback loops and data to highlight system constraints that require leadership's assistance."
"These off-the-shelf assessment templates are not relevant to our context and desired outcomes."

Our Solution & Value-Add

Individual Roles, Teams, and Agile at Scale templates with rich criteria compiled from industry thought leaders to provide virtual coaching and drive improvements.
Out-of-the-Box Assessment Templates
Template Customization
Multiple Facilitation Methods
Improvements at Every Level

Practice Technique Criteria

The Lean Agile Intelligence Practice Technique Criteria inherently drives a culture of knowledge sharing, learning, and leadership enablement with each practice containing key technique criteria in five Agility Stages that follow a common pattern.


The organization, team, or individual is "starting" to explore the practice and transition from traditional ways of working.



The organization, team, or individual is "developing" an understanding of the value of the practice and adopting the foundational techniques needed to be successful.



The organization, team, or individual is "emerging" beyond the foundational techniques of the practice and is embracing it as they become more proficient.



The organization, team, or individual is "adapting" the practice to extract the full benefit, leveraging advanced techniques, and coaching others on the value it brings.



The organization, team, or individual is "optimizing" the knowledge sharing of their practice learnings across the enterprise, accelerating adoption and agility.


The Lean Agile Intelligence Self-Assessment Facilitation and Coaching Guide

"All you need to know to optimize the value of an assessment!"

In true Agile fashion, the Lean Agile Intelligence Self-Assessment Facilitation and Coaching Guide was a collaborative effort between users of the platform and its creators. It not only contains a structured approach to facilitating an assessment, but also includes coaching and platform functionality tips!

  • A structured approach to facilitating a self-assessment that includes coaching tips from the founder of Lean Agile Intelligence.
  • Free! No account required. Our gift to the Agile Community!