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The Professional Kanban assessment can be used to help teams identify areas of improvement, growth goals, and impediments and track continuous progress. In the spirit of Professional Kanban, the assessment is also framework agnostic and the practice criteria can be used for not only "traditional" Kanban teams but also any Agile team.

Ideal For

Any team focused on optimizing value by optimizing flow.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Practice's Technique Criteria, assigned Agility Stage, and impacted Business Outcomes.

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Questions/Practices by Practice Dimension

6 total practices


• Definition of Workflow


• Actively Managing Items in a Workflow
• Kanban Visualization


• Kanban Improvement
• Kanban Metrics
• Service Level Expectation

Practice Technique Criteria Example

Kanban Visualization

Starting (0)

The team does not have a physical or digital team space to visualize work

Developing (1)

The team uses a Kanban board with highly-visible commitment/delivery points

Our Definition of Workflow is easily viewable by everyone

Emerging (2)

Work items that are blocked are highlighted and easy to see by everyone

Different work types are uniquely visually represented

Adapting (3)

Our metrics are transparent in our physical and/or digital workspace and interested people can easily access them

We do not have "hidden" work (work that is being done but not visualized or discussed)

Optimizing (4)

When applicable, Policies like Definition of Done and Definition of Ready are visual and easy for everyone to see