About Us

The origins of Lean Agile Intelligence can be attributed to a collaboration effort between Agile Uprising board members. What started out as an Agile assessment sharing exercise quickly escalated into passionate debates about the use, or should we say “misuse,” of Agile assessments. We concluded the fact that given such a powerful change initiative tool was so drastically underutilized and improperly deployed, change agents were doing a disservice to organizations all over the world seeking help with Agile adoption. The value is in the conversation and learning!

The rest is history. Three Agile Uprising board members decided to embark on a “learning” journey that not only made them better Agile practitioners, but many others.

The creation of Lean Agile Intelligence goes well beyond its three founding members. In true Lean Startup form, feedback gathering vehicles such as POCs, Kano survey, and routine demos were utilized to drive the direction of the product. Over 100 Agile/Lean coaches have provided input on the concepts and contents of Lean Agile Intelligence. We are proud to say that Lean Agile Intelligence is a product shaped by the Agile and Lean community.

Founding Members

Michael S McCalla

Michael S. McCalla

Michael McCalla is a technology leader, transformation specialist, and avid agile practitioner. He has a passion for building great products and coaching organizations to create a value driven environment that fosters collaboration, empowerment, safety, and learning.

Michael has spent the last seven years leading enterprise-wide Agile adoption initiatives. He has broad range of experience applying agile to small teams, large distributed teams, and portfolio management. His secret sauce has always been a hands on, pragmatic, and adaptable coaching approach that uses a blend of Agile and Lean practices to enable clients to reach their desired business outcomes.

Michael is regular on the Agile conference speaking circuit. He has been selected to speak at prominent conferences such as Agile Alliance, Agile and Beyond, Agile Camp, and Heart of Agile. He is a Board Member of the Agile Uprising, a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between leading Agilists. He recently was named to the review board of the Agile Practice Guide, a collaborative effort between the Agile Alliance and PMI.

Michael holds certifications from Scrum Alliance (CSP), Scrum.org (PSM II), PMI (PMI-ACP), Scaled Agile (SA).

James Gifford

James Gifford

James Gifford is an industry respected Agile/Lean coach that has executed multiple enterprise level transformation during his 14 year technology career.  James has effectively had a positive impact on over 160 teams in a variety of industries which facilitated amazing outcomes for companies and customers.  With an intentional focus on building high performing teams geared towards cultures of trust and transparency, James’ coaching has optimized many teams’ flow and engagement, while also improving product quality and reducing cycle time.  While most agile coaches excel in web or mobile product transformations, James has emerged as one of the few coaches internationally with proven success applying agile practices to ERP implementations.  James has direct experience working with most common agile software tools and is a regular speaker at the most popular agile conferences.