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Lean Agile Intelligence


Kanban is a method for organizing and managing knowledge work. Kanban facilitates the flow of work by emphasizing visualization, WIP Limits, and continuous improvement. This template focuses on the practices and characteristics of a high-performing Kanban team. Influenced by many Kanban thought leaders, this template provides an opportunity for Kanban teams to reflect and improve on the behaviors, qualities, and practices required of a high-performing Kanban team in today’s fast-moving business environments.

Ideal For

New and seasoned Kanban teams.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Practice's Technique Criteria, assigned Agility Stage, and impacted Business Outcomes.

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Questions/Practices by Practice Dimension

8 total practices

Value Driven

• Implement Feedback Loops


• Kanban Values
• Limit Work In Progress
• Make Policies Explicit
• Manage Flow
• Visualize


• Improve


• Safety Within the Organization

Practice Technique Criteria Example

Limit Work In Progress

Starting (0)
  • The team does not limit Work in Progress (WIP)
Developing (1)
  • The team does not have defined WIP limits, but they generally finish work items before starting new ones
Emerging (2)
  • The team has WIP limits for certain types or stages of projects/processes
Adapting (3)
  • The team uses WIP limits (or alternative work pacing) for most or all work
  • The team works mostly or entirely in a "pull" system
Optimizing (4)
  • Each class of service (or defined work type) has its own WIP horizontally (class or type of work) and vertically (limiting work by person, status, or stage)