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Lean Agile Intelligence


Kanban is a method for organizing and managing knowledge work. Kanban facilitates the flow of work by emphasizing visualization, WIP Limits, and continuous improvement. This template focuses on the practices and characteristics of a high-performing Kanban team. Influenced by many Kanban thought leaders, this template provides an opportunity for Kanban teams to reflect and improve on the behaviors, qualities, and practices required of a high-performing Kanban team in today’s fast-moving business environments. This template is ideal for new and seasoned Kanban teams.

Ideal for

This template is ideal for new and seasoned Kanban teams.

Source Reference

Works of thought leaders that influenced the Practice and associated Agility State Criteria Statements.

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Questions/Practices by Practice Dimension

Value Driven

• Implement Feedback Loops


• Safety Within the Team


• Kanban Values
• Limit Work In Progress
• Make Policies Explicit
• Manage Flow
• Visualize


• Improve


• Safety Within the Organization

Practice Technique Criteria Example

Limit Work In Progress


  • We do not limit Work in Progress (WIP)


  • We do not have defined WIP limits but we generally finish work items before starting new ones


  • WIP limits (or alternative work pacing) exist for certain types or stages of projects/processes


  • We use WIP limits (or alternative work pacing) for most, or all, work
  • We work mostly or entirely in a "pull" system


  • Each class of service (or defined work type) has its own WIP horizontally (class or type of work) and vertically (limiting work by person, status, or stage)