Multi-Team Agile Effort - Ways of Working Lite

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Multi-Team Agile Effort - Ways of Working Lite

A lightweight template focusing on foundational Agile team concepts. Influenced by many Agile & Lean thought leaders, this template provides an opportunity for Multi-Team Effort leadership and/or participants to reflect and improve on the foundational behaviors, qualities, and practices required of a high-performing Multi-Team Agile effort in today’s fast-moving business environments. This template is ideal for a Multi-Team Agile Effort just starting with Agile ways of working at scale.

Ideal For

Cross-functional leaders of a multi-team product, program, or value stream.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Practice's Technique Criteria, assigned Agility Stage, and impacted Business Outcomes.

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Questions/Practices by Practice Dimension

18 total practices

Value Driven

• Multi-Team Backlog Refinement
• Multi-Team Product Backlog
• Multi-Team Product Leadership


• Multi-Team Safety
• Multi-Team Synergy


• Multi-Team DevOps
• Multi-Team Focus on Quality


• Multi-Team Cadence
• Multi-Team Composition
• Multi-Team Demo
• Multi-Team Flow of Value
• Multi-Team Release Plan
• Multi-Team Stand-Up


• Multi-Team Metrics
• Multi-Team Retrospectives


• Multi-Team Lead Facilitator
• Multi-Team Leadership
• Multi-Team Self-Organization

Practice Technique Criteria Example

Multi-Team Product Leadership

Starting (0)
  • It is unclear who is accountable for the Multi-Team Effort Product, Backlog, or Value Delivery
Developing (1)
  • There is one defined Product Leader (i.e., Product Owner, Product Manager) who has the customer, domain, and functional knowledge necessary to play the role
  • Can clearly articulate the vision and goals of the Multi-Team Effort
  • Clearly articulates stakeholder needs and the purpose of the request to the contributors of the Multi-Team Effort
  • Effectively manages stakeholders across the organization
Emerging (2)
  • Fully empowered to prioritize and is accountable for the Product Backlog of the Multi-Team Effort, its content, availability, and ordering
  • Makes themselves available to the Teams of the Multi-Team Effort when needed
  • Has received formal Product Owner or Product Management training and certification
  • Strong and supportive role model within the Multi-Team Effort, fostering relationships that lead to a viable working environment
  • Clearly articulates trade-offs, adjustments, and plan impacts in real-time to stakeholders to avoid surprises
Adapting (3)
  • Views experimentation as a way to learn and fail fast
  • Takes an active role in the implementation of the new ways of working within the Multi-Team Effort and feels accountable for the change
  • Understands and demonstrates system thinking and promotes the greater good over local optimization, partnering with other units to facilitate the flow of value
  • Coaches other Multi-Team Effort Product Leaders on advanced Product Leadership techniques
Optimizing (4)
  • Thanks to the Product Leader's success, influence, and commitment to knowledge sharing, their advanced Multi-Team Product Leadership techniques have been adopted throughout the enterprise and is considered a best practice supported by leadership