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"Providing the Intelligence to make Data-Driven Improvement Decisions"

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Intelligence for Every Level of the Enterprise

Lean Agile Intelligence Dashboards provide users with multi-level actionable intelligence that enables leaders, coaches, teams and individuals to make data-driven improvement decisions and measure progress over time.

For Leaders

The Enterprise Agility Assessment would pique the interest of leaders, as well as the "Group" aggregate results, providing common behavioral patterns, team impediments, and a holistic view of maturity.

For Coaches

Adopting new ways of working requires coaching, and lots of it! The Lean Agile Intelligence Group Summary Dashboard helps coaches optimize their time by providing intelligence to help identify which teams require the most assistance. "Group" aggregate results can be leveraged to identify patterns across teams so that they can provide training and coaching in focused areas.

For Teams

Lean Agile Intelligence Recommendation Engine uses desired business outcomes as input to help teams decide where to focus their improvement efforts. Dashboards help teams visualize whether or not they are improving, and where they stand against the average of all teams in their group or organization.

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For Individuals in Key Roles

New ways of working requires different roles, many of which are not familiar to those taking them on. Lean Agile Intelligence enables individuals to reflect on the role’s core competencies and provides the intelligence to help fuel a growth plan.