Elevating Agile and Lean Assessments to the Next Level!

Problem Statement: Change Agents have come to learn there is no single solution for Agile and Lean adoptions due to each organization's complexity. Each one has a unique set of challenges and objectives.

The same applies to Agile and Lean assessments. They're not one size fits all!

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The Value Add of Lean Agile Intelligence

A modern day assessment platform with an outcome-driven approach. Optimize the value of the assessment by assessing and improving the practices that will help the organization achieve its objectives.
Flexible assessment framework providing the ability to customize out-of-the-box assessment templates or create your own from our question bank; compiled from published works of Agile thought leaders, framework reference guides, and collaborative feedback sessions with coaches.
Dashboards aggregating assessment results in an actionable format to the program, business unit, and
enterprise-level to capture a holistic view of Agile maturity, and identify patterns preventing the organizations from achieving their desired outcomes.
Agile Teams and Practices

Lean Agile Intelligence provides the following capabilities and features:

icon Practice Catalog

1. Practice Catalog

Because it is not about assessing, it is about learning! Lean Agile Intelligence offers a catalog of over 200 tried and true Agile and Lean Practices for teams directly compiled from the specific framework literature, providing teams a guide on how to properly adopt and apply. This library will continue to grow!

icon Auto Self-Assessment Generator & Builder

2. Agile Assessment Template Customization

Because it is not one size fits all! Lean Agile Intelligence enables organizations to tailor their agile assessment templates to their context and desired outcomes. Out of the box templates can be complimented with additional practices that teams want to experiment with to meet their unique needs. Don’t like what is available? We offer the option to add your own practices to our catalog.

icon Framework Specific Self-Assessments

3. Individual, Team, and Agile at Scale Assessment Templates

Assess every level of the organization! An array of Agile team templates exists ranging from framework templates such as Scrum and Kanban to framework-agnostic templates that focus on best practices for any type of agile team. Assess Agile at Scale practices to ensure your ecosystem is enabling agility with Program and Portfolio Management and Enterprise Agility templates. Role-specific templates such as Agile Coach, Agile Leadership, Product Owner, and Scrum Master are also available to reflect and improve on core competencies and fuel personal development.

icon Self-Assessment Platform

4. Self-Assessment Platform

The value is in the conversation! Lean Agile Intelligence self-assessment platform facilitates the conduction of team self-assessments for both co-located and remote teams, enabling team members to record their vote anonymously.

icon Self-Assessment Insights

5. Self-Assessment Insights

Scores are meaningless, actionable results are invaluable! Lean Agile Intelligence utilizes data analytics to provide a user friendly and actionable result set, enabling teams to identify continuous improvement opportunities that align to the organization’s goals.

icon Enterprise Insights Dashboard

6. Enterprise Agile Assessment Results Dashboard

Looking for a holistic view to determine if your organization is progressing towards its goals? Lean Agile Intelligence consolidates cross assessment and cross team results in a consumable and actionable format so that behavioral patterns, organizational constraints, coaching needs, and investment opportunities can be identified.



Andy Cleff
"Finally, a useful assessment tool built by and for Agile practitioners who get it!"
Andy Cleff
Enterprise Agile Coach
Colleen Johnson
"Every client I work with is at a different place in their Agile Journey. Lean Agile Intelligence allows me to customize assessments to their unique needs so they get targeted improvements to achieve their specific goals"
Colleen Johnson
Ryan Lockard
"Lean and Agile organizations thrive on measuring the right outcomes. Lean Agile Intelligence uniquely allows leaders to set the right measurement for their context, to ensure we are assessing the right variables. Canned assessments only allow static measurements that may promote the wrong practices in an organization, and Lean Agile Intelligence strategically avoids this pitfall"
Ryan Lockard
Director of Software Engineering - Elsevier
Bob Galen
"I’ve finally found a flexible, thoughtful, and agile mindset grounded tool that I can use for all of my clients"
Bob Galen
Director Agile Practices, Zenergy Technologies
Dan Mezick
"I like this product because it is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for measuring progress. Lean Agile Intelligence provides an easy way to create customized assessments for tracking changes in Agile performance, Agile outcomes, and Agile results."
Daniel Mezick
President of New Technology Solutions Inc.