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Assess current state, identify improvements, and accelerate business outcomes.

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Our Solution & Value-Add

Individual Roles, Teams, and Agile at Scale templates with rich criteria compiled from industry thought leaders to provide virtual coaching and drive improvements.
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Out-of-the-Box Assessment Templates
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Template Customization
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Multiple Facilitation Methods
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Improvements at Every Level
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A Focused & Structured Approach to Accelerate Outcomes

The Lean Agile Intelligence agile maturity assessment question hierarchy provides structure to the improvement efforts across the organization's required levels, enabling a top-down and bottom-up driven approach, so outcomes are accelerated.
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Customer Photo
Patricia Sheehan

Director Agile Centre of Enablement at AstraZeneca

Measuring performance matters. With LAI teams can drive their continuous improve rather than being driven by “top down” measures. The overall program and enterprise performance can be aggregated for leaders to understand where resources or engagement might be needed to advance enterprise agility.”
Customer Photo
Barbara O'Connor

Director, Enterprise Agile Office at Unum

“Prior to Lean Agile Intelligence, we had data but were missing insights that could pinpoint trends or patterns at scale across our organization. The LAI customization and cumulative results features have given us the ability to gather data at scale, generate insights, visualize our maturity and put this knowledge in the hands of people closest to the work in order to improve delivery cycle times.”
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Customer Photo
Bob Galen

Agile Practice Director Zenergy Technologies

“I’ve finally found a flexible, thoughtful, and agile mindset grounded tool that I can use for all of my clients. I can tailor it as required and I can coach towards data, learning & improvement.”
Customer Photo
Daniel Mezick

President of New Technology Solutions Inc.

“I like this product because it is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for measuring progress. Lean Agile Intelligence provides an easy way to create customized assessments for tracking changes in Agile performance, Agile outcomes, and Agile results.”
Customer Photo
Colleen Johnson

CEO of and Founder of

“Every client I work with is at a different place in their Agile Journey. Lean Agile Intelligence allows me to customize assessments to their unique needs so they get targeted improvements to achieve their specific goals.”
Customer Photo
Vanessa Roknic

Director, Digital Transformation & Innovation Novo Nordisk

“Lean Agile Intelligence has helped immensely with our introduction to agile ways of working in our Innovation Lab. The team self-assessment tool uses clear and objective criteria with which a team can assess their progress in adopting agile best practices. It is easy to use and creates the necessary output for the team to plan their improvements and remain accountable for them. LAI has been instrumental in our agile maturity.”
Customer Photo
Laith Elias

Director, Project Management Office Independence Blue Cross

“Lean Agile Intelligence has been a trusted partner in moving our business agility transformations forward. Their approach and efforts, fueled by their assessment platform, are thoughtful and effective in order to drive and implement change. They have taken the time to adapt methodologies and traditional implementation approaches to fit in with our culture, pace and goals. We look forward to continuing to work with LAI in the future!”
Customer Photo
Andy Cleff

Enterprise Agile Coach

“Finally, a useful assessment tool built by and for Agile practitioners who get it!”