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Do you have clarity on what is blocking
value delivery?

Drowning In Chaos

  • Misalignment
  • Not knowing where to focus
  • Distracted Teams
  • Communication barriers
  • Resistance to change
  • Capability Gaps
  • Tons of Blockers
The Problem

Elevate What Matters

Set yourself up for success. Get clear, make sense of all the moving parts and spotlight what will drive growth and accelerate value delivery.
It starts with a measurement strategy that merges qualitative insights and quantitative data enabling you to make informed decisions. Measure current state, track progress and clearly identify steps to achieve your organization objectives.

Learn how to create your Measurement Strategy
Measurement Strategy

Data that connects the dots

Tap into scalable insights for decision-making based on evidence. Watch your progress unfold, revealing key patterns that can be tackled at scale to reduce inefficiencies and realize outcomes. Track and capitalize on every opportunity.

Insight Canvas: Onboarding Value Stream (25 Teams) Insight Canvas: Onboarding Value Stream (25 Teams)

Organize the chaos with one platform

Organize the chaos, align with strategy, and enable teams to improve with one single source of truth.

Fit For Purpose

Align measurement and capability growth to organization strategy and objectives by customizing your own measurement plan at different levels of the organization.

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Fit for Purpose with a Measurement Plan

Measure & Simplify Data

Continuous Improvement anchored to one number! Yes, you read that right! Leverage LAI to drive conversation around where and when to improve using our simplified rating scale.

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Measure and Simplify Data

Outcome Driven Insights

Multi-level actionable insights that enable leaders, coaches, teams, and individuals. Make data driven decisions, driving improvements and measuring progress over time.

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Outcome Driven Insights

Drive Outcomes Through Action

Enable your teams to develop your organizational capabilities that drive your outcomes! Utilize structured assessment criteria and extensive learning resources for targeted growth and actionable steps towards value delivery and continuous improvement.

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Drive Outcomes Through Action
Latest Release

Transform Your Data Analysis and Elevate Your Decision-Making with Our New Features

We are thrilled to introduce a range of new features designed to provide you with greater control, clarity, and compliance in managing your assessments. These updates are tailored to enhance your decision-making process and ensure you get the most out of our platform.

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LAI Community

While every product aims to be intuitive, there are some things you really need to have experience with to fully grasp the power of Lean Agile Intelligence. Don't worry, we've got your back with enablement at your fingertips.

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Measurement Strategy / Community
Measurement Strategy

Enablement around what it takes to create and execute on a solid measurement strategy to ensure you are measuring the right things at the right time and getting actionable insights.

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The Art of Facilitation / Community
The Art of Facilitation

Learn the best practices around facilitating effective feedback to enable each team to collaborate and drive improvement. Let’s get started!

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Build yout Outcomes Driven Improvement Plan and Take Action / Community
Build your Outcomes Driven Improvement Plan and Take Action

Learn how to create a Continuous Improvement Plan with LAI to ensure you are driving meaningful improvements and making progress to your goals.

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