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Organization Group Setup & Tagging for Aggregate Results

Team agility alone is no longer sufficient to survive in today’s fast-moving business environments. Change agents require a more systems perspective to identify common behavioral patterns, improvement opportunities, and a holistic view of maturity and performance. Lean Agile Intelligence enables “grouping” and “tagging” of related entities (i.e., individuals, teams, etc.) so that aggregate assessment results are available in all dashboards.

Assessment Template Customization

Because it's not one size fits all! Tailor Assessment templates to your context, transformation strategy, and desired outcomes. Benefits include:

  • Customizing one of our Out-of-the-box Templates.
  • Question bank of 250 Agile questions that include Agile practices, behaviors, and metrics.
  • Combining Team and Agile at Scale questions in one Template.
  • Modifying the language within a question to reflect the terminology used in your environment.
  • Add your own questions. Lean Agile Intelligence goes beyond assessing Agile practices; it can be used to assess whatever you want!
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