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Organization Group Setup & Tagging for Aggregate Results

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations often find themselves navigating through a fog of complexity, making it challenging to pinpoint what hinders effective value delivery. To cut through this chaos and gain clarity, leaders need to adopt a systems perspective. This approach helps identify recurring behavioral patterns, uncover problem areas that can be tackled at scale, and provide a comprehensive view of performance. Lean Agile Intelligence facilitates this by enabling the grouping and tagging of related entities, such as individuals and teams. This feature allows for aggregated assessment results to be accessible across various dashboards, providing a clearer, more integrated view of organizational performance.

Capability Template Customization

Tailor your measurement strategy to your organization's specific strategy and goals and empower teams with targeted improvement strategies.

  • Customize from our selection of Out-of-the-Box Templates.
  • Choose from a comprehensive capability bank with 150 options encompassing qualitative practices and quantitative metrics.
  • Merge team-level and broader organizational capabilities in one unified template.
  • Adapt the language to reflect your company's culture.
  • Add custom capabilities as needed. Lean Agile Intelligence isn't limited to new ways of working; it can be utilized for other assessment needs.
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