"Focusing on the Right Things"

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Clear Next Steps

No hassle! Comprehensive Growth Criteria provide participants with actionable next steps for improving capabilities.

Self-Serve Extendable Knowedge-base

Whenever there's a need for more, each Capability is supported by helpful resources from the Lean-Agile Intelligence Growth and Learning Library and other reputable sources. These adaptable resources enable change leaders to incorporate links to internal coaching materials. Collectively, they support the facilitation of improvement initiatives, offer flexibility, establish a uniform and scalable coaching methodology, and promote knowledge sharing.

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Improvement Actions
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Improvement Actions (IAs)

It is time to act, preserve accountability, and make improvement efforts transparent. Lean Agile Intelligence Improvement Actions (IAs) enable teams to record actions, automatically generate backlog items in their ALM (i.e., Jira) system, and track status.