Why Lean Agile Intelligence

A Modern Outcome-Driven Approach Fueling Business Agility

Lean Agile Intelligence

How Are We Different?

  • Lean Agile Intelligence’s Outcome Improvement Model enables organizations, teams, and individuals to assess, improve, and measure the practices that matter most, given their context and goals.
  • Assessment question and template customization to make assessments a value-added exercise.
  • Our Self-Assessment Poker facilitation capability makes assessments fun and engaging for the participants.
  • Comprehensive question criteria drive meaningful conversation and provide concrete actions for improvement.
  • Aggregate results every which way using our organization setup and tagging features.
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Value at All Levels

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Organization Benefits

  • Provides leaders a tool and intelligence that serves as a foundation for data-driven decisions, alignment, and focused improvement investments
  • Customize templates to align with your transformation strategy and measurements (OKRs/KPIs)
  • Show progress of the new ways of working adoption using a scalable system of measurement that includes leading and lagging indicators
  • Highlights systemic impediments and enterprise capabilities that require attention
  • Accelerates feedback loops and growth opportunities for teams and employees
  • Fuels the alignment of team goals to the company objectives and desired transformational outcomes
  • Identifies what teams & individuals need assistance and on what topics so coaches can optimize their time
  • Presents a scalable coaching approach with standard documentation and examples
  • Fuels sharing of solutions amongst teams and drives a culture of learning and growth
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Team Benefits

  • Make Assessments Fun! Self-Assessment Poker is a new and engaging approach to assessments
  • Allows a comprehensive quarterly self-reflection on their Agile practices and provides the steps necessary to improve
  • Provides a way to identify and measure improvements
  • Provides facilitators the tools they need to drive the right conversations, maintain safety, and keep the team honest
  • Provides insights on what practices and behaviors may impact metrics and helps prioritize improvements
  • Provides a forum for teams to flag systemic issues, and request leadership’s assistance
  • Provides virtual coaching and easy access to helpful resources to make teams self-sufficient
  • Helps teams associate action items from the assessment with appropriate backlog items
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Individuals in Key Role Benefits

  • Enables them to reflect on their competencies and receive feedback from others using 360º assessments
  • Helps prioritize improvement items on a growth plan
  • Help align their goals with those of the team and the organization
  • Provide access to resources to accelerate learning