"Facilitating self, 360ยบ, and coach assessments for every level of the organization"

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Measure What Matters

Measure What Matters

The Lean Agile Intelligence Measurement Strategy is a holistic measurement approach that considers both qualitative and quantitative measures, and aligns capability development to organization strategy and objectives.

Easy Invitation For Multiple Modes

Simplifying assessments! No need to register. Just distribute the unique link generated for the assessment to participants, and they can start immediately. Supports all forms of assessments, including individual submissions and team self-evaluations.

Easy Invitation
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Self -Assessment Poker

Lean Agile Intelligence's Self-Assessment Poker provides a dynamic and engaging method for participants to evaluate capabilities. Similar to Planning Poker, this tool enhances participation through an interactive experience. When team members unanimously vote on a capability, they instantly receive aggregated results. This immediate feedback sparks constructive discussions, fostering a collective insight into their current performance and identifying potential areas for improvement.


Self-Assessment Facilitation & Coaching Guide

In true Agile fashion, the Lean Agile Intelligence Self-Assessment Facilitation and Coaching Guide was a collaborative effort between users of the platform and its creators. It not only contains a structured approach to facilitating an assessment, but also includes coaching and platform functionality tips!

  • A structured approach to facilitating a self-assessment that includes coaching tips from the founder of Lean Agile Intelligence.
  • Free! No account required. Our gift to the Agile Community!


Lean Agile Intelligence facilitates incorporating and synchronizing quantitative metrics, such as those from Jira, making them accessible on dashboards. This integration offers a holistic perspective of organizational health by combining quantitative data with qualitative metrics. Additionally, the imported metrics can be applied to evaluate capabilities, aligning quantitative metrics with a unified scale for comprehensive analysis.

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