Adaptive Leader

Capability Template Details

Adaptive Leader

This Lean-Agile leadership assessment enables the development of Adaptive Leader competencies and behaviors. Influenced by multiple generations of leaders and frameworks, including SAFe, this leadership agility template provides an opportunity for leaders to measure and improve the behaviors, skills, and practices required for enterprise agility.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Outcomes.

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Capabilities by Dimension

18 total capabilitys


• Enabling Customer Centricity
• Enabling Value Delivery


• Enabling Safety
• Enabling Synergy
• Enabling Accountability


• Enabling Quality


• Enabling Flow
• Enabling Adaptability


• Enabling Measurement
• Enabling Learning
• Self-Development


• Leading Change
• Mindset
• Enabling Others
• Facilitating
• Self-Awareness
• Integrity
• Humility

Capability Growth Criteria Example

Leading Change

Assesses the individual's ability to lead transformation and be catalysts for cultural change.

Starting (0)

There is a lack of ability to lead transformation and be a catalyst for cultural change

Developing (1)

Makes themselves aware of the objectives and vision of the transformation

Creates a sense of urgency around the need for transformation and articulates the "why" to people

Emerging (2)

Frequently and powerfully reiterates the transformation vision

Takes an active role in the implementation of the transformation and considers themselves accountable for it

Adapting (3)

Facilitates the collection of feedback and insights on the impacts of the transformation

Helps facilitate remediation of impediments to achieving the vision

Optimizing (4)

Champions the transformation, partnering with leaders in other areas to show shared commitment