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Agile Coach

This Agile assessment enables the development of Agile Coach competencies and behaviors. Influenced by many Agile & Lean thought leaders, this Agile Coach Assessment provides an opportunity for an Agile Team Coach or any scale of Agile Coach to measure and improve the behaviors, skills, and practices required to enable high-performing teams and enterprises.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Business Outcomes.

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Questions by Dimension

18 total questions

Value Driven

• Coaching Customer Centricity
• Coaching Value Delivery


• Coaching Accountability
• Coaching Safety
• Coaching Synergy


• Coaching Quality


• Coaching Adaptability
• Coaching Flow


• Coaching Learning
• Coaching Measurement
• Lean Agile Practices Expertise
• Self-Development


• Coaching Others
• Facilitating
• Integrity
• Orchestrating Change
• Self-Awareness
• Training

Question Growth Criteria Example

Orchestrating Change

Assesses the individual's ability to orchestrate transformation and be catalysts for cultural change.

Starting (0)

There is a lack of ability to orchestrate transformation and be a catalyst for cultural change

Developing (1)

Coaches others to create a sense of urgency around the need for transformation and to articulate the "why" to people

Facilitates the creation of a guiding coalition (i.e., steering committee) of influential leaders from different areas of the organization with a shared commitment to the transformation

Emerging (2)

Helps facilitate a clear vision for the transformation and ensures it is communicated to all impacted parties

Coaches others to frequently and powerfully reiterate the transformation vision and coaches others to confirm all decisions, actions, and behaviors tie back to it

Helps formulate short-term goals for the transformation

Adapting (3)

Facilitates the collection of feedback and insights on the impacts of the transformation from all levels of the organization (i.e., Middle Management, Employees)

Helps facilitate the management of the impediments to achieving the vision so that they are visible, prioritized, and resolved

Optimizing (4)

Helps facilitate the transformation management process by assisting the guiding coalition in managing the transformation in an "agile fashion" with a transparent prioritized backlog and iterative planning cadence