Cultural Transformation

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Cultural Transformation

This cultural transformation assessment enables organizations to move towards a culture necessary to compete in today's accelerated markets.

Ideal For

Organization members to provide feedback.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Outcomes.

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Capabilities by Dimension

14 total capabilitys


• Organization Mission & Purpose


• Organization Accountability
• Organization Safety
• Organization Synergy
• Organization Values
• Organization Behaviors
• Organization Integrity


• Organization Sustainability
• Organization Agile Teams


• Organization Learning Culture


• Organization Change Management
• Organization Communication
• Organization Leadership Enabling
• Organization Leadership Mindset

Capability Growth Criteria Example

Organization Mission & Purpose

Assesses the organization’s ability to create a shared understanding of customer problems and the strategy to resolve them.

Starting (0)

There is a lack of shared understanding of customer problems and the strategy to resolve them

Developing (1)

Our organization has a defined mission statement that creates a shared understanding of what is trying to be accomplished

Organization members understand customer needs and how company strategy and objectives align to meet them

Emerging (2)

Products/initiatives have inspiring and compelling visions and goals

Business objectives, strategy, customer problems, and market trends were considered when crafting the product/initiative visions and goals

Adapting (3)

Organization members can articulate the connection point between their product/initiative and higher-level business strategy and objectives

Organizational decisions, actions, and behaviors easily tie back to product/initiative visions, higher-level business strategy, and objectives

Organization leaders regularly inspire, motivate, and lead by painting a vision of the future and articulating how people's daily activities contribute to it

Optimizing (4)

Employees within the organization often express they feel they are contributing to something greater than their day-to-day tasks