DORA Metrics

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DORA Metrics

DevOps and Agile teams use DORA metrics to measure their performance and determine whether they are an Elite, High, Medium, or Low performer. The four metrics used are:
  • Deployment frequency (DF)
  • Lead time for changes (LT)
  • Mean time to recovery (MTTR)
  • Change failure rate (CFR)
DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) finds that Elite teams are twice as likely to meet or exceed their organizational performance goals. Deployment Frequency and Lead Time for Changes measure responsiveness and time to market, while Change Failure Rate and Time to Restore Service measure reliability.

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Capabilities by Dimension

4 total capabilitys


• Change Failure Rate
• Deployment Frequency
• Mean Time to Recovery
• Lead Time for Changes

Capability Growth Criteria Example

Deployment Frequency

For the primary application or service you work on, how often does your organization deploy code to production or release it to users?

Starting (0)

Once every six months or more

Developing (1)

Less than once every six months

Emerging (2)

Less than once per month

Adapting (3)

Less than once per week

Optimizing (4)

On demand (multiple deploys per day)