DevOps Multi-Team Agility

Capability Template Details

DevOps Multi-Team Agility

Enables a team of Agile Teams (i.e., Agile Release Train, Value Stream) who require tight cohesion to assess, improve, and measure foundational DevOps practices and behaviors.

Ideal For

Teams and/or Leaders of any Multi-Team Effort (i.e., Agile Release Train, Value Stream) focused on a long-lived product.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Outcomes.

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Capabilities by Dimension

18 total capabilitys


• Multi-Team Backlog
• Multi-Team Backlog Refinement


• Multi-Team Synergy
• Multi-Team Accountability
• Multi-Team Safety


• DevOps Build Cycle
• DevOps Testing
• DevOps Deploy
• DevOps Release
• DevOps Monitoring
• Security Management
• Multi-Team Effort Definition of Done
• DevOps Reporting


• Multi-Team Iteration Planning
• Flow of Value


• Multi-Team Learning Culture
• Technology and Tools
• Measures

Capability Growth Criteria Example

DevOps Deploy

Assesses the ability to deploy software easily and quickly to multiple environments.

Starting (0)

There is a lack of ability to deploy software easily to multiple environments

Developing (1)

Automated Deployment scripts exist

Database changes completed with a versioned script

Emerging (2)

Fully automated single-touch deployments of any releasable artifact to an environment

The same process is used to deploy to every environment

Database changes performed automatically as part of the application deployment process

Release and rollback processes, including databases, exist and tested

Adapting (3)

Orchestrated deployments exist, allowing multiple components (i.e., application, middleware configurations, and database scripts) to be released to an environment at once

Self-service provisioning; environments can be deployed programmatically

Optimizing (4)

Zero-touch and downtime for deployments