Multi-Team Performance Metrics - Advanced

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Multi-Team Performance Metrics - Advanced

Enables a team of Agile Teams (i.e., Agile Release Train, Value Stream), who require tight cohesion, to measure performance in Time to Market, Reliability, and Innovation.

Ideal For

Teams and/or Leaders that are accustomed (i.e., 2 Years or more) to working in a Multi-Team scenario and want to take the next step toward high performance.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Outcomes.

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Capabilities by Dimension

6 total capabilitys


• Automated Test Coverage
• Change Failure Rate
• Innovation Ratio
• Multi-Team Backlog Item Work in Progress
• Multi-Team Backlog Item Cycle Time
• Multi-Team Backlog Item Throughput

Capability Growth Criteria Example

Change Failure Rate

For the primary application or service you work on, what percentage of changes to production or released to users have resulted in degraded service (i.e., lead to service impairment or service outage) and subsequently require remediation (i.e.,, require a hotfix, rollback, fix forward, patch)?

Starting (0)

60% or more

Developing (1)

Less than 60%

Emerging (2)

Less than 45%

Adapting (3)

Less than 30%

Optimizing (4)

Less than 15%