Product Team Agility

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Product Team Agility

This agile assessment focuses on a Product-Centric team's competencies and characteristics in an Agile Product Delivery environment. Influenced by Product thought leaders, this template provides an opportunity for a Product team to improve on the behaviors, qualities, and practices required in today’s fast-moving business. Topics covered include product management, product definition, backlog refinement techniques, story point estimation, story writing, refining, vision, roadmaps, and more.

Ideal For

Teams focused on an external customer-facing product.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Business Outcomes.

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Questions by Dimension

15 total questions

Value Driven

• Focus on Value
• Product Discovery
• Product Envisioning
• Product Knowledge
• Product Strategy
• Team Backlog Refinement
• Team Product Owner


• Agile Architecture
• Team Focus on Quality


• Roadmap
• Team Composition
• Team Iteration Planning
• Team Iteration Review


• Measures
• Team Learning Culture

Question Growth Criteria Example

Product Envisioning

Assesses the ability to envision success and effectively communicate it.

Starting (0)

There is a lack of ability to envision success and effectively communicate it

Developing (1)

One Product Vision exists explaining the desired end state for 2-5 years out

The Product Vision gives the team a shared understanding of what they are trying to accomplish

Emerging (2)

The Product Vision is short and concise

The Product Vision is inspiring, compelling, and empowering and focuses on the customer

Adapting (3)

There is a clear connection point between the Product Vision and higher-level business strategy and objectives

Optimizing (4)

Team members can recite the Product Vision