Team Agility

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Team Agility

This Agile assessment enables the development of an Agile Team early in their journey. Influenced by many Agile & Lean thought leaders, this template provides an opportunity for Agile Teams to measure and improve foundational behaviors, skills, and practices.

Ideal For

Teams that are relatively new (i.e., 0-2 years) to Agile ways of working.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Business Outcomes.

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Questions by Dimension

18 total questions

Value Driven

• Team Backlog
• Team Backlog Refinement
• Team Common Goals
• Team Product Owner


• Team Accountability
• Team Safety
• Team Synergy


• Team Definition of Done
• Team Focus on Quality


• Roadmap
• Team Composition
• Team Iteration Planning
• Team Iteration Review
• Team Stand-Up


• Team Learning Culture
• Team Retrospective


• Leadership Mindset
• Team Lead Facilitator

Question Growth Criteria Example

Team Synergy

Assesses the sense of shared ownership and collaboration amongst team members.

Starting (0)

There is a lack of shared ownership, timely input, and direct interaction between team members; they work as individuals

Developing (1)

The team has an identity (i.e., name)

The team has a shared understanding of the goals of the products/initiatives they are working on

The team has a common language they use to describe their work

The team has a collaborative workspace (on-site or remote) and utilizes collaboration tools for communication, sharing, and fun

Emerging (2)

Team members know what each other is working on and ensure open lines of communication, alignment of efforts, and management of dependencies

The team listens to each other’s opinions and considers tradeoffs

Adapting (3)

All team members are willing to play any role needed to get things done, even if it means taking on a task outside of their functional area

The team succeeds and fails as one; no finger-pointing

Optimizing (4)

The team's leadership is well-versed in advanced techniques that create synergies across functions and domains; they coach team members and ensure it exists