Team Agility - Non-Software Delivery

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Team Agility - Non-Software Delivery

This Agile assessment enables the development of an Agile Team in a business context such as HR, marketing, and operations. Influenced by many Agile & Lean thought leaders, this template provides an opportunity for Agile Teams to measure and improve foundational behaviors, skills, and practices.

Ideal For

Teams working in a Non-Software delivery context, including sales, marketing, finance, and other operational areas of the business. There are no references to software delivery jargon in this template.


Works of thought leaders that influenced the Growth Criteria, assigned Stage, and associated Outcomes.

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Capabilities by Dimension

16 total capabilitys


• Team Common Goals
• Team Backlog
• Team Backlog Refinement


• Team Synergy
• Team Accountability
• Team Safety


• Non-Software Delivery Team Composition
• Team Iteration Planning
• Team Stand-Up
• Non-Software Delivery Team Iteration Review


• Team Retrospective
• Team Learning Culture
• Measures


• Team Lead Facilitator
• Leadership Enabling
• Leading Transformation

Capability Growth Criteria Example

Team Common Goals

Assesses the alignment of team members.

Starting (0)

The team lacks goal alignment

Developing (1)

The team has common goals defined by the backlog item definition of done and acceptance criteria

Emerging (2)

The team has a common, clear, and transparent Iteration (i.e., Sprint) goal and adapts throughout the iteration to achieve it

Adapting (3)

The team has common goals beyond Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Done, and iteration (i.e., sprint) goals and is incented the same way

Optimizing (4)

The team's common goals and incentives focus on customer outcomes and experiences