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Reflect, Measure, Improve

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What is an Agile Assessment?

An Agile Assessment is a data-driven feedback tool used by individuals, teams, and organizations to self-reflect on Agile practices, measure adoption progress and identify focused improvement efforts at every level of the organization.

Why Do Agile Assessments?

  • A Focused & Structured Approach to Improvement: There is so much to learn! Adopting Agile Ways of Working can be overwhelming. Agile Assessments provide the opportunity to gain clarity on the current state and formulate focused improvement efforts.
  • A Data-Driven & Cost-Effective Feedback Loop: The people working in the system know best! Agile Assessments are a cost-effective feedback mechanism to help organization leaders make data-driven improvement decisions.
  • Measure Progress: As humans, we inherently want to know where we reside on a continuum and are we improving over time? Agile Assessments allow us to reflect on our ways of working and gather insights on whether or not we are moving in the right direction to achieve our transformation goals.
  • Coach Deployment: Adopting new ways of working requires coaching and lots of it! Coaches are in high demand, and their time is valuable. Agile Assessments enable coaches.
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