Style Revamped and Performance Boost

style revamped and performance boost - june 2023 release

We're super excited to announce the release of our latest “2023 July release”. We've made some major improvements to the overall look and feel, added new features, and enhanced performance! We bet you'll love exploring what's new. Let's dive right in!

🎨 Style Updates - A Fresh New Look!

We've completely revamped the look of the app to deliver a more modern and sleek user experience. Here are some highlights:

  • Results icons, colors, and style have been updated for a more contemporary feel.

  • Modals now use a light theme.

  • Buttons have a consistent outline style across the app.

  • Cards feature a white header instead of blue for a cleaner look.

  • Filters have a consistent dropdown design and style.

  • Header/footer changed from a dark to a light theme.

  • Font size is now unified and larger throughout the app.

  • Colors are more minimal, sticking to a neutral color palette.


Here are some samples of our style revamped:


Result Page's Filter


Question Drilldown Modal


🔍 Results - Enhanced Group Comparisons!

We've improved the way you can compare groups for even more insightful analysis.

  • Compare groups to other groups in Rating Trends and Question Trends widgets.

  • Rating Trends widget now defaults to comparing to the parent group.

july-release-screenshot-7.JPG july-release-screenshot-8.JPG

📈 First Assessment Trend Changes - Easier Tracking!

Keep an eye on your Entity or Group's initial performance with ease.

  • A first assessment trend line is always displayed, showcasing the first quarter that an Entity or Group assessed.


⚡ Performance - Turbocharged Load Speeds!

We've optimized our Results screens for maximum responsiveness, especially for large rollups. Get lightning-fast load times that are 2-3x faster than before!

🤝 Manage Partner Organization - Exclusive for Partners!

Boost your productivity and manage your clients' organizations more efficiently.

  • Create and connect LAI organizations for your clients to your LAI organization effortlessly.

  • Manage multiple clients' organizations with just one login.
    image (3).png

🛠️ Small Improvements - Introducing the "Designer" User Role!

Additional roles, such as designer, open up exciting possibilities for increased flexibility in the application!

🐞 Known Issues & Tips

  • Currently, no major incompatibilities or known issues have been identified.

  • For optimal performance, we recommend updating your device's operating system to the latest version and using the latest web browsers (preferably chrome).

Get started with Lean Agile Intelligence today and experience the revolutionized aesthetics and powerful new features! As always, we appreciate your feedback and support. Happy exploring!