Discover What's New at Lean Agile Intelligence This February 2024!

Insights Canvas With New Constructs Update

As we continue our journey into 2024, we are thrilled to roll out a host of updates and enhancements aimed at making your experience even better. This February, we’re rolling out some changes and improvements, like simplifying how we talk about our features and giving our homepage a facelift. It's all about making your time with LAI as smooth as possible.

Let's dive into these changes together, all sparked by the awesome feedback we get from you, and our community.

🔧 Data Model & Constructs Update



In our continuous effort to enhance clarity and user experience, we're introducing terminology refinements across our platform:

  • "Question" is now "Capability", because we're all about boosting your capabilities.
  • "Business Outcomes" has been updated to "Outcomes", simplifying the language and focusing on the core value.
  • "Agile at Scale" is renamed to "At Scale", reflecting broader applicability beyond traditional Agile frameworks.
  • "Assessment Templates" have evolved into "Capability Templates", ensuring a more targeted approach to assessing your capabilities.
  • Our Agile Leader assessment has been transformed into the Adaptive Leader assessment, emphasizing the dynamic nature of leadership in today’s fast-paced environments.


🚀 Capability Template Assistant Update



Our Recommended Templates feature has been upgraded to the Capability Template Assistant. This enhancement simplifies finding the perfect templates for your needs, allowing you to input criteria and receive tailored recommendations effortlessly.

Read our documentation on Capability Template Assistant in our Quick Start guide.


🏠 Enhanced Coaching Recommendations



After your coaching assistant session, you'll receive an prioritized split list categorizing recommendations into:

  • Performance Metrics
  • Practices & Behaviors

This split view of recommendations allows you to clearly see how Practices & Behaviors are impacting Performance Metrics that all drive to the Outcomes you desire.

Read our documentation or watch our videos on the Coaching Assistant & Recommendations Widget.


🤝 Our Revamped Partner Program

We have another exciting update! Because we are committed to helping you achieve your desired outcomes, we have heavily invested in our Partner 🤝 Program!

The primary aim for this investment is to enhance the partner experience, enabling you to deliver added value to your customers.

The benefits of the new program include:

  • Enhanced Application Experience: We have introduced new features like the "Partner Parent Organization" and the ability to copy templates to child instances.
  • Enablement: So your team is better equipped with LAI strategies and functionalities so you can maximize its utility with your clients.
  • Streamlined Processes: Say goodbye to endless emails! Our new partnership portal provides both parties with management and transparency of leads.
  • Co-Collaboration: Increased opportunities for collaboration, allowing us to meet on cadence and work together to deliver value jointly

Join us in creating success stories across around actually realizing meaningful outcomes!

Check out our partner program brochure for more information!


✏️ Other Updates

  • Permission Changes: Jira integration, import/export abilities, and child organization instances are now exclusive to paid organizations or approved partners. Please contact sales for more information. 
  • New Homepage Design: We’re excited to unveil our new homepage, featuring a modern design that not only looks great but also improves navigation and accessibility. Discover what Lean Agile Intelligence can do for you with just a few clicks.
  • Updates To Our Contact Us Page: Introducing a New Contact Form 📩 designed to make it easier than ever to reach out to us. Whether you have specific questions, need assistance, or simply want to share your feedback, our streamlined form ensures your queries are addressed promptly and accurately!
  • Improved Note-Saving in Assessment Mode: Our updated assessment mode now includes a prompt to save any unsaved notes before you move on. This ensures that your valuable insights and observations are securely stored, and never to be forgotten.


Your feedback is the cornerstone of our evolution. We invite you to explore these new features and let us know how they enhance your experience with Lean Agile Intelligence. Our commitment to providing you with an intuitive, efficient, and valuable platform is stronger than ever.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! Join our monthly community newsletter here for a sneak peek.