Enhanced User Experience and Community Engagement

Manage Assessments - The All In One Hub To Manage Your Assessments!

Hello, 2024! We are starting the year with new features and enhancements, all meticulously crafted to elevate your work management and agile methodologies.

Ready to explore the cutting-edge advancements we've brought to the table? Let's jump right in!

🌟 Assessment History is now 'Manage Assessments'


  • All-in-one hub for efficient assessment management.
  • Comprehensive control for Admins and Facilitators: with features like Cancel, Complete, and Continue Assessment for enhanced monitoring and control.
  • New Assessment Details for a more detailed view on each assessment. You can see how that Assessment was configured and the Participant information.

Assessment Details.JPG

🧙‍♂️ New Launch Assessment Wizard: Your Companion for Effortless Assessment Launch


  • Step-by-step guidance for launching assessments, ensuring a clear and efficient process.


  • Manage Your Open Improvement Action's (IA) Status - review all open improvement actions associated with the questions in the assessment before starting.



🌐 Revolutionized Taking Assessment Flow: User-Friendly and Intuitive


  • Navigate through questions with ease, even without answering.
  • Improved layout and controls for a more accessible and engaging assessment experience.
  • 'Suspend' function was reworded to 'Pause & Come Back' for clearer understanding.
  • Read our Facilitator Guide Documentation to learn more about navigating an assessment.

🏠 Introducing LAI Community: Your Go-To Resource for All Things LAI Your Hub for Learning and Engagement


  • A Centralized Platform for current customers and partners to stay informed and enabled.
  • Easy-To-Use Contact Form for easier communication with the LAI team, enhancing customer support. You can now add attachments, report bugs, and more!
  • Check out LAI Community and subscribe to our Monthly Community Newsletter.

✏️ Other Improvements

  • Added Contextual Dates to Improvement Action Screens - Key dates such as Created Date, Last Updated Date, and Closed Date, are now available in the Improvement Actions Dashboard and Improvement Action Edit Screen.
  • Visible Entity Name and Template Name In Assessment Link & Login Screen - Entity name and Template name are now clearly visible during participant login and in shared links for participant reassurance.

Our journey towards enhancing Lean Agile Intelligence doesn't end here. We're committed to evolving and refining our platform, and your insights are invaluable in this process. Dive into these latest offerings, and don't hesitate to share your experiences and suggestions by using our new contact form here. Together, let's shape an even more robust and efficient agile management tool.