Lean Agile Intelligence Update: Elevate Your Team’s Journey with Strategic Clarity and Customized Excellence

Enhanced Results Screen

We are excited to announce significant updates aimed at refining the user experience and maximizing the impact of your team’s efforts to continuously improve and drive value. Crafted with your insights and feedback, these updates embody our dedication of turning chaos into clarity and pushing the standards of excellence towards embedded outcomes driven improvement for every team.

Check them out below!


🏠 Creating Custom Roles



This enhancement comes hand in hand with our newest feature Role Assigned Capability Templates. In Member Attributes, Admins can now create, edit, and delete custom roles to align with your organization's vocabulary and context.

Read our documentation or watch the video on Role Assignments for Custom Capability Templates.

🚀 Role Assignments for Custom Capability Templates



Lean Agile Intelligence (LAI) introduces Role Assignments for Custom Capability Templates tailoring the assessment experiences through the lens of specific participant roles. This update promises an unprecedented alignment between roles and capability feedback, ensuring accurate and relevant insights.

How Does It Work?

Role Assignments allow you to customize capability assessments to specific roles within your organization, ensuring feedback is relevant and actionable. This feature is especially beneficial in diverse environments, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of assessments.

Key Benefits:

  • Targeted Feedback: Ensures only those with relevant knowledge and context provide feedback on specific capabilities within the same team's assessment.
  • Efficiency: Reduces irrelevant questions, allowing the assessment participants a more streamlined experience.
  • Flexibility: Offers customization to reflect your team's unique structure and expertise - even last minute during the Capability Template launch.

Quick Setup Guide

  1. Template Customization: Access your custom Capability Template, enable Role Assignments, select the Roles that will provide feedback (vote) and assign those roles to specific capabilities.
  2. Launch: The facilitator can opt in or opt out for Role Assignments when launching the template, allowing for a tailored assessment experience. You can also adjust existing role assignments in the Launch Assessment Wizard to better meet your teams where they are.


Read our documentation or watch the video on Role Assignments for Custom Capability Templates.


Dimension Name Changes for Clarity and Focus



Our commitment to evolving in tandem with the industry is reflected in the renaming of our "out-of-the-box" dimensions. For our valued customers on paid plans, your existing dimension names will remain as is, but we're here to assist should you wish to adopt these updates.

🔄 Dimension Name Updates:

  • Value Driven evolves into Product: This change sharpens the focus on customer-centric, outcome-focused efforts that drive Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Innovation.
  • Dynamics evolves into Culture: A dimension that now more clearly represents the interactions, behaviors, and beliefs critical to fostering a constructive environment, promoting Employee Satisfaction and Innovation.
  • Quality evolves into Engineering: A dimension that reinforces the importance of sustainable software engineering practices and unwavering commitment to quality, translating into improved Reliability and Predictability.
  • Adapt evolves into Process: A nod to the orchestrated agility required to respond to change and sustain continuous value delivery, ultimately boosting Responsiveness, Predictability, and Time to Market.
  • Improve evolves into Improvement: Demonstrating our endorsement of continuous learning and relentless improvement, this dimension correlates directly with accelerated Time to Market and heightened Employee Satisfaction.

Read our documentation on LAI's Dimensions.

✏️ Other Enhancements

  • Organization Tree Docking: We've refined the docking feature of our Organization Tree, offering smoother interaction and full-screen results visibility without sacrificing data scalability.

  • Result Dashboard Tabs: Navigating through various Results Dashboards is now more straightforward, thanks to the new tabbed interface. Select the tab for the dashboard you need, and access your information instantly.

  • Capability Trends on Any Screen: Whether on a larger or smaller screen, viewing Capability Trends has become clearer. This enhancement ensures data is easily understandable, regardless of your device size.

Your feedback is the cornerstone of our evolution. We invite you to explore these new features and let us know how they enhance your experience. Lean Agile Intelligence relentlessly pursues perfection in serving our customers and partners. These updates signify our promise to deliver industry-leading, customizable solutions that comprehensively support and advance your embedded outcomes driven continuous improvement journey. Lean Agile Intelligence—Data-Driven Agility, Tailored Excellence.

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